Monday, 19 October 2009

ETF Profit Driver


(Make sure you read all this because it contains a 'blueprint' that can have a DIRECT IMPACT on your portfolio.)

This is what I know so far...

The trading community is on the verge of an unprecedented 'explosion' of profit potential trading a group of funds that have largely remained ignored by 'mainstream' individuals... -but for over a decade, select 'underground' traders have been quietly siphoning this potential directly from these 'under the radar' markets... essentially padding their portfolios, year after year.

So if you have ANY interest in discovering how to get in on what's being called a 'portfolio supercharger' while it's still somewhat 'quiet', you're in for a TREAT.


The trader behind this consumer guide wrote it initially as a gift to his readers to thank them for helping him with a survey about the markets in question... (about 100,000 traders were asked to participate). But what was intended as a 10 or 15 page 'thank you' note turned into a 57-page 'blueprint' that effectively shows you how to join this 'underground community'.

While these markets have been around for over a decade, they're just now beginning to gain momentum, but they're far from 'popular'...

And not only are the top 20 questions about these markets answered in clear detail... but you'll discover how you can use this information to breathe some much needed life into your portfolio, regardless of what you already trade.


Find out how the author spends LESS THAN 20 minutes a day with TOTAL confidence in these markets, which leaves him the rest of the day to pursue other activities...

You'll also learn:

** How you can get an unfair head start using these specialized trading strategies before the 'mainstream' catches on. Don't worry, it's entirely legal (page 54).

** How to doubl.e your profit potential with half the effort by harnessing a special kind of fund designed to pad your portfolio when the market tanks (page 11).

** How to finally let your IRA funnel profit potential out of bear runs. This little-known technique essentially lets your IRA flex its muscles for the first time ever as youtrade it almost like a regular brokerage account (page 25).

** How to drastically reduce your 'time in the trenches' trading these potent markets by spending less than 20 minutes a day. These 3 discoveries make it all possible (page 38).

** How to use his 2-step 'fast filter' technique for quickly and efficiently finding the lowest risk & highest probability funds available. You effectively become your very own "selection service" (page 23).

**, there's a TON more you'll get to sink your teeth into about these 'ignored markets' when you get the report.


Even though he could probably sell thousands of copies of this report on the web, the author made a decision to give it away (for now, at least).


Frankly, he understands that there are a lot of hucksters out there who peddle worthless information, so he decided to make himself stand out from the crowd by giving away as muchhigh- quality, actionable trading EDUCATION and CONTENT as possible.

That way, if you want to work with him more closely in the future, you already know what he's made of (and without coughing up a single penny to find out).

I find that kind of attitude refreshing. Don't you?


To get your copy, just visit this web page right now:


By the way, you also have the author's permission to give away copies of this report to anyone you think needs some 'first aid' for their portfolio.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Good Trading,
Emmanuel K

P.S. This is a HUGE report. Take your time and read it all, but hurry and download it. Why? Because it's so large, it could be taken offline at any moment if the author's web server 'bandwidth' gets eaten up with all the requests for the report. You can get it here: